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Reasons as to Why the Terror Groups Strive

The world has experienced the threat of radicalism for an extended period. The parts of the world that have experienced a lot of terrorist activities are Iran and Iraq. In order to stop terrorism, there is need to find out the source of the activities. Some commissions have been set to investigate the terrorist activities in different regions of the world. Criminal activities are highly organized by political leaders according to the research conducted.

One of the ways in which terrorism is supported is through funding. Terrorism activities are funded through government organs who remain in contact with the terrorists. Security and shelter can be given to terrorist groups who are working hand in hand with a given government. These groups can, therefore, execute their plans without fear of being arrested or caught. The governments and political leaders have been mentioned to be the top organizers of the terror activities. Differences in religious and political ideologies are the main reasons that lead to the execution of terrorist attacks. The religious differences between Islam and Jews has seen to it that Islamic countries attack the Jewish countries. The religious rivals of Iran have experienced the terrorism activities from Iran due to the differences in ideologies.

People experience terror attacks because their rivals feel the need of being religiously superior. Political affluence and the need to feel superior also leads to the execution of the terror attacks that are experienced. The world is inclined at respecting the superpowers, and this has made most of the nations to seek for this position. Superpower nations must exhibit the defensive prowess and the skills of war. Rival countries have experienced attacks from each other in what is known as the testing of missile prowess. The adverse effects of terror attacks are the destruction of property, loss of lives which, consequently lead to the deep hatred that is developed in people. Iran has been on the verge of political and religious animosity with most of the countries that neighbour it, and this might mean that they can support terror attacks. Countries that neighbor Iran have been able to plan counterattacks against Iran as a method of seeking vengeance. The world has seen more dangerous terror attacks due to the unending and repeated terror attacks that continue to happen.

Young people who get recruited into terror groups have been taught that the best way of getting justice and power is through violence. The terror troops give the young people excitement of having power and this makes many young people join them.

Lessons Learned from Years with Guides

Lessons Learned from Years with Guides